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A range of treatment options no matter your concern

We offer an extensive range of services ensuring you only need to visit one place to take care of all your health and medical needs. Every one of our clinics has access to:


Cryosurgery is one of the fastest and most effective ways of removing external lesions including early-stage skin cancer. Extremely cold liquid nitrogen is applied to the abnormal tissue and destroys cancer cells in the process. The procedure is done very carefully as not to damage any surrounding healthy tissues. Cryosurgery can cause swelling at the time of treatment, and potentially some light scarring, however scarring is kept to a minimum. Cryosurgery is a less invasive option than other forms of treatment and pain is minimised. It has lower cure rates on the face so is not recommended for treating facial skin cancers.

Topical Treatment

In certain cases, a topical cream can be applied to the skin cancer as a form of treatment. Daily application over a period of time specified by your doctor can lead to the clearing of cancerous and pre-cancerous cells. Topical treatment can cause varying degrees of inflammation during the treatment period however your doctor will specify and appropriate dosage to minimise any visible inflammation.


If your doctor decides an excision is the most appropriate form of treatment for your skin cancer, you will receive a local anaesthetic for your own comfort and your doctor will carefully remove the abnormal tissue. Excisions are one of the most effective forms of skin cancer treatment in that they remove all the cancerous skin cells in one go. Stitches or a skin graft may be used to repair the area and a cosmetic surgeon may be involved to ensure the physical side-effects of your surgery are minimised.

Removal of warts, skin tags, moles and cysts

Unwanted, uncomfortable or painful lumps and bumps on the skin can be taken care of quickly by our doctors. Some removals can be taken care of within minutes, however, there are certain cases which require minor surgery. Removal for cosmetic reasons is not covered by medicare benefits, however, our doctors will discuss the costs of the procedure upfront with you.

Acne Treatment

Treating acne effectively does not happen overnight. During an initial consultation, our doctors will look at the reasons why you are developing acne and come up with a treatment regime tailored to your individual needs. By following the treatment plan you’ll be able to achieve long-lasting results one step at a time. Our doctors can organise any scripts required for severe acne.


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